The most realistic weapons training concept I have ever experienced, both in and out of the military, is Troysgate VIKN training system. The system takes an experienced shooter to new levels of realism and proficiency for preparedness required for real-life situations. It is the final exercise for those learning how to shoot to culminate their training for self-defense.

Dave Grange

Brigadier General (RET) US Army.
President, Ospey Global Solutions

This is the graduate level training device that will change the way we train for combat and deadly engagements, Troysgate Global's unique VIKAT reflective target technology, when coupled with a thinking role player, presents the ultimate training/preparation situation short of actual ground combat. This device will save lives

Les Fuller

Brigadier General (Ret) US Army
President, L2F Strategies and Solutions

I believe that Troysgate VIKN reflective target training is one of the most innovative and effective training tools available today. I am truly impressed by what they are doing and I recommend their training to anyone who must prepare for a deadly force engagement

Dave Grossman

Lt. Colonel (Ret) US Army
Killology Research Group
A Warrior Science Group Partner
Author of On Combat and On Killing

The maxim that "we fight like we train" is only too true in real life, and the Troysgate Global training and conditioning system, based on their unique VIKN reflective target technology, is like no other available anywhere, at any price. This is not basic marksmanship or a drill with automated dummies in a shoot house, This is a "graduate level" live fire close combat involving a real and responsive opponent in a realistic scenario tailored to what the trainee is most likely to encounter on the street or on the battlefield. I believe this training experience should be required for every military member, especially those in Special Operations, and for all law enforcement officers, intelligence service operatives and any others whose duties might lead them into a one-on-one close combat encounter. With the Troysgate Global experience they will be truly "combat ready" - mentally conditioned to survive a deadly encounter. Nothing else is quite like Troysgate VIKN Systemm

J. Peter McIllwain

Lt. Colonel (Ret) US Army
Independent International Intelligence and Security Consultant
Former Senior Operations Officer, CIA National Clandestine Service

In combat we don't rise to the occasion we sink to our level of training, and Troysgate's VIKW System is another tool for Law Enforcement to prepare for the worst. Our SWAT Team has been through this system several times and it is the closest training to actual combat that we have ever experienced. This training not only improves the reaction time and decision making for SWAT members but also for any officer or civilian. I would recommend this training for the most experienced SWAT Officer down to the civilian that only shoots their weapon a few times a year. This is by far the best training I have seen.

Sheriff Coy Reid

Team Leader, Special Tactics and Response Team
Catawba County Sheriffs Office, NC

The Troysgate V1KN training system is an absolute game-changer for law enforcement combat training. Never before have we been able to put our Officers through force-on-force training scenarios with such realism. Cops learn from their mistakes and their accomplishments, just like all human beings, and this system readily produces both. Because of Randy Martin's never-say-die attitude and commitment to saving the lives of the good guys, our people are better prepared for what we all know will happen

R. Scott Brown

Chief of Police, Lenoir Police Department